et-sun Solar-Fences© qualify for the REAP program for Agricultural producers and small businesses as described at this website:



William Kanitz

President of ScoringAg, ScoringAg-Equipment, Co-Owner of et-sun, Leader in scalable solutions for Agriculture and far beyond. He invented many kinds of equipment that are helpful for operations in the whole food chain.


  1. ScoringAg a Full-Chain-Traceability and Archiving System.
  2. mobile Flat Bed Drying Wagon for crop and seed drying.
  3. variations of Hydrocooler-Sanitizer Maschines for maintaining the integrity of sanitation.
  4. He also invented several different models of TreeSteamer©.
  5. different variations of TreeTubes© and agriculture nettings for crop protection.
  6. MCF's© Modular Container Facilities© an economic solution for very small and small-size scale farmers, co-op groups and small processors.
  7. his latest invention is


et-sun Vertical Racking System©

for frameless modules